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Services and Supports


Volunteer opportunities will be supported for our participants that wish to include it as a part of their ISP goals. All volunteer opportunities will be through the hard work of program participants along with support from our staff.



Participants will be supported to advocate for themselves daily in all areas of their lives. Our staff will work to encourage every participant to voice their opinions and make decisions that are person centered. Our program is designed to give participants the opportunity to create a weekly schedule and be involved in activities of their own choosing.


Employment opportunities will be supported for our participants that wish to include it as a part of their ISP goals. We will support in the search for a paid position and build the skills necessary for a successful interview. 


Participants will have the opportunity to choose community-based activities and events according to their individual likes that will be encouraged and supported with the overall outcome of participation in community life. 

As a member of the community, self-care should be important to our participants. Though we are a community-based program and will not have access to most training opportunities we will support personal care development activities when available. Personal hygiene, personal safety, healthy food choices, exercise, and healthy relationships may be a part of the ISP and will be supported. 


Participants will learn and understand the importance of safety awareness, healthy relationships with appropriate boundaries. 


Mobility training will be offered to participants that would like to gain experience using a variety of options their community offers.


College courses will be encouraged for those participants that wish to continue their education. ABLE will support participants with class options, scheduling, and attending while classes are within the Day Program hours.

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